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May 2015
John-David Dalton
May 10 2015 00:33
@raine do want! <small>for another lib ya know</small>
May 10 2015 04:37
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a nicer way to write something like this:
(Note that .contains there is not ramda's contains, but String.contains)
String.prototype.contains, that is.
Raine Virta
May 10 2015 08:00
@asaf-romano maybe something like this
the way containsAll is defined there you have to call it like containsAll(token)(string)
Raine Virta
May 10 2015 08:19
var containsAll = R.useWith(R.allPass,;
works better
May 10 2015 12:18
@raine many many thanks!
very nice.
btw, does ramda have something like strContains that I've overlooked
Viktor Fröberg
May 10 2015 14:14
@asaf-romano I guess R.strIndexOf is somewhat similar.