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Jun 2015
David Chambers
Jun 04 2015 00:36
What? Really?
Michael Hurley
Jun 04 2015 02:00
This message was deleted
Scott Christopher
Jun 04 2015 02:10
Well liftA2 can be implemented using zipWith for lists
Simon Friis Vindum
Jun 04 2015 05:48
@raine Yes. That's what I meant. R.toString gives really nice output.
Simon Friis Vindum
Jun 04 2015 07:09
@davidchambers It goes deeper than that. lift and map are the same thing. map2 is lift2 and so on. If one does map(fn) one has lifted fn to work on functors.
Raine Virta
Jun 04 2015 07:27
@palpepind: not sure if that would work since R.toString output is not formatted
Tobias Pflug
Jun 04 2015 09:09
map :: (a -> b) -> [a] -> [b]
liftA :: (a -> b) -> f a -> f b
in both cases a function is sort of lifted to work inside a container
(a->b) -> (fa -> fb)
all of this only ever gets clear when you look at types in haskell imho - i find it hard to think along those lines with javascript ;-)
Simon Friis Vindum
Jun 04 2015 10:54
Take a look at this TodoMVC implementation. It looks like any other. But it has a very important distinguishing feature: there are zero state mutations in the application code. There is not a single equal sign unless immediately preceded by a const. The source code is here if curious. It's built with Ramda (of course), flyd, union-type-js and Snabbdom.
Michael Hurley
Jun 04 2015 10:57
cool! i gotta get to know flyd
Viktor Fröberg
Jun 04 2015 12:56
@paldepind that's pretty cool! I saw something similar the other day, can't remember where though.
Simon Friis Vindum
Jun 04 2015 13:15
@buzzdecafe It's not that hard ;)
@vikfroberg If you do remember I'd like to know :)
Raine Virta
Jun 04 2015 14:01
cool stuff @paldepind. one nitpick on the todomvc impl, it allows entering blank items
Jun 04 2015 14:44
@buzzdecafe thanks.
Simon Friis Vindum
Jun 04 2015 15:03
@raine Oh. I actually noticed that and meant to fix it but then I forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me!
Raine Virta
Jun 04 2015 16:35
i have an idea for a small web project and probably should at least pick FRP into the stack to give it a shot finally