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Sep 2015
Scott Sauyet
Sep 29 2015 00:30
@raine: No objection to it. I've never found a great need, but I can see that there are probably times when it would be useful.
David Chambers
Sep 29 2015 00:53

@raine, is there a reason you can't simply write the following?

reject(equals(x), xs)

Are you using it in a pipeline, perhaps? I'd like to see the context.

David Chase
Sep 29 2015 04:33
hi guys, anyone here have any thoughts on small issue here ramda/ramda-fantasy#74 … not sure if that is expected it seems with R.always you need to call the function instead of R.identity which you just returns the value from the Reader
Scott Christopher
Sep 29 2015 04:39
@davidchase Yep, that's a mistake. It should definitely be using identity there.
Sep 29 2015 05:40
@raine :+1: on ramda-destruct
David Chambers
Sep 29 2015 06:47
I wouldn't oppose a PR for R.without.
Sep 29 2015 09:35
hey guys...I have a ramda-fantasy question (hope it's ok to ask it here) or rather general Either functor question. How would you take the value out of it. For Maybe I can use getOrElse. But Either doesn't seem to have a way to get the value (or an err string) from it. In Haskell I would pattern match of use guard but in JS I'm a bit confused.
Raine Virta
Sep 29 2015 09:55
@alexeygolev data.either has getOrElse, sanctuary has either :: (a -> c) -> (b -> c) -> Either a b -> c
I think ramda-fantasy is kind of work in progress in some areas
Scott Christopher
Sep 29 2015 12:11
@alexeygolev It's a work-in-progress: ramda/ramda-fantasy#56