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Oct 2015
Hardy Jones
Oct 24 2015 01:28
@gilligan be careful with those plugins. Some only really work assuming the functions are pure, or the object is pure. If you've got a side effecting map for instance, you can't do any fusion and get the same behavior.
Scott Sauyet
Oct 24 2015 01:29
What do you mean by "the object is pure"?
Hardy Jones
Oct 24 2015 01:40

I mean, given some object:

function Counter(x) {
  var n = 0;
  return Object.create(null, {
    map: {
      value: (f) => {
        return Counter(f(x));
    count: {
      get: () => n,


compose(map(add(1)), map(add(10)))(Counter(3)).count

isn't the same as this

map(compose(add(1), add(10)))(Counter(3)).count
wait, it probably is
well, use your imagination :)
Scott Sauyet
Oct 24 2015 01:44
I'm using my imagination, and "impure objects" are bringing up entirely different ideas. :wink2:
But I do see where you're going.
Keith Nicholas
Oct 24 2015 02:13
thanks guys!
Raine Virta
Oct 24 2015 15:59
why do I not see containsBy in docs? ramda/ramda#1353
oh. it wasn't added
linked to in upgrade guide though
Aldwin Vlasblom
Oct 24 2015 16:57
My first potential contribution to the Ramda community: ramda/ramda-fantasy#79 . I hope it's useful or a conversation starter. :)
David Chambers
Oct 24 2015 19:56
Thanks, @Avaq. My view is that ramda-fantasy should not catch any exceptions.

[containsBy is] linked to in upgrade guide though

It is? I don't see it, @raine.

Raine Virta
Oct 24 2015 19:59
well, indirectly


:floppy_disk: R.containsWith #1377

David Chambers
Oct 24 2015 20:03
Right. I noticed that R.containsWith is much less convenient than R.containsBy would be. I opened a PR to replace one with the other. In the ensuing discussion we decided that even the more convenient function may not deserve to be part of the library. I opened a separate PR to deprecate R.containsWith, and linked to the earlier PR to provide context.
Raine Virta
Oct 24 2015 21:42
if you want to try something that is potentially quite useless, npm install ramda-t in a project that has ramda (preferably 0.18), require it instead of ramda and give some function incompatible arguments
Oct 24 2015 22:45
@gilligan do you just compile neovim from master, or is there a alpha/beta/tagged release you prefer?
Scott Sauyet
Oct 24 2015 23:57
Well, then Avaq, welcome aboard!