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Oct 2015
Tobias Pflug
Oct 25 2015 08:16
@boxofrox depends on your OS/distro - check the github wiki for suggestions
Simon Friis Vindum
Oct 25 2015 11:13


This was @paldepind's idea. It's marvellous. With heavy use of partial application, type errors are often caught when evaluating a function's definition (without even applying the function). Pretty neat!

And you implemented and extended the idea. I think adding support for parameterized types was really clever.

Simon Friis Vindum
Oct 25 2015 11:19
You may be aware of it but if you wrap the type checking in if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production') then you can easily disable it in Node. Furthermore if you compile your code for the browser with Webpack or use Envify and a minimizer then the type checking code will be completely taken out of production browser builds.
Niloy Mondal
Oct 25 2015 13:57
Does anyone know why Math.max.length === 2?
Martin Algesten
Oct 25 2015 13:57
what do you want it to be?
to curry to two args seem the most reasonable, no?
oh Math.max.
but same same. 2 is a reasonable value.
> Math.max(1,2,3);
so it's vararg and reports arity 2. feels good to me.