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Dec 2015
Hardy Jones
Dec 18 2015 03:11 UTC
@boxofrox it's FL compatible, so everything should be fine.
@sotojuan in addition to what @svozza said, see also
Justin C.
Dec 18 2015 03:17 UTC
Sanctuary does seem more favorable to composition. e.g. S.fromMaybe vs
Tobias Pflug
Dec 18 2015 09:48 UTC
I use data.maybe.. Like it
Niloy Mondal
Dec 18 2015 09:50 UTC
@gilligan Whats the URL?
Niloy Mondal
Dec 18 2015 09:51 UTC
Keith Alexander
Dec 18 2015 10:22 UTC

@CrossEye in ramda/ramda#1528 you said (about Promises)

And more than that, because they're not guided by laws, one cannot use law-abiding tools to work with them. That's my main reason for moving away from them.

What's a law-abiding tool?

Niloy Mondal
Dec 18 2015 10:47 UTC
@kwijibo I guess he means the monadic laws. So law-abiding tools will be other monadic functions.