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Dec 2015
Marcel Lamothe
Dec 23 2015 01:12
Total n00b question here: In the ramda docs, why is the type signature for difference [] -> [] -> [*], instead of [a]->[a]->[a] ?
Marcel Lamothe
Dec 23 2015 01:29
Uh, the site mangled my question. Basically three [ * ] -> in a row.
David Chambers
Dec 23 2015 01:35
The lists may be heterogeneous, so [a] would be overly strict. I wouldn't mind being overly strict, though.
benjamin Lees
Dec 23 2015 12:15
Hi sorry I am new to this chat so I am not sure whether this question been asked already but why is there not a ramda mapIndex function available ?
Tobias Pflug
Dec 23 2015 12:16
@benjaminlees you can use R.addIndex to add an index to
I am almost certain I saw someone post a gist with flowtype signatures for Ramda somewhere - I just can't find it anymore ;( Anyone else seen that ?
benjamin Lees
Dec 23 2015 13:58
@gilligan thanks I will try that out
Hardy Jones
Dec 23 2015 14:52
:point_up: December 22, 2015 5:42 AM I pray that in 5 years we all come to our senses and recognize that promises/a+ was an excellent step to get people conforming to a spec, but it needed to be lawful so we could actually use promises better.
I also pray that in 5 years, the compiler game really takes over,and we stop writing plain js.
Marcel Lamothe
Dec 23 2015 15:32
@davidchambers : Thanks!
Eric Gjertsen
Dec 23 2015 17:17
amen brother hardy, preach it!
Dec 23 2015 23:29
When would you use net instead of http? Is it only for when you have exactly a tcp connection?
Or can you use http even if something only sends over tcp connection?
Scott Christopher
Dec 23 2015 23:30
http makes use of tcp
but includes parsers for headers, etc
Dec 23 2015 23:53
Does that mean it's backwards compatible?
or does the client need to use http requests in order for the http server to work?