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May 2016
Denys Mikhalenko
May 08 2016 05:49
hey guys, sorry for offtopic, is there a way to search for the specific room in gitter?
David Chambers
May 08 2016 06:27
@prontiol, do you have a search icon near the top-left corner of the window?
Denys Mikhalenko
May 08 2016 06:34
ah, i just figured out that search bar searches for the rooms :-) silly me
i was sure it is for in-room people search only
May 08 2016 15:31
@raine How did you make ramda a shell command?
@raine I think i found it here:
May 08 2016 16:06
It is beautiful. So now i have another excuse for using Ramda. :heart_eyes:
May 08 2016 16:23
How would one stdin something that is a JSON. I for example would like to pass in the stdout of the ls command. Can this be parsed to an array with ramda-cli?
is not* a JSON
--input-type string?
Raine Virta
May 08 2016 17:12
@bas080 I think you want --input-type raw
or -r
May 08 2016 17:15
That indeed works like a charm. thnx @raine