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May 2016
May 14 2016 00:20
so any plans to work on ramda performance?
6ewis @6ewis wonders how immutable.js works under the hood
Stefano Vozza
May 14 2016 10:06

so any plans to work on ramda performance?

I'm not sure anyone could work on a request that vague. if there are specific functions that are slow, they can be looked at but if it's something like not using value equality for comparisons then i can't see that ever happening.

May 14 2016 22:49
here’s an interesting challenge. a problem i wasn’t able to find a functional solution to that was better than the imperative solution i posted: Note that I don’t consider encoding the same algorithm inside a big reduce to count as “functional” in this case. Really curious to see if anyone can come up with something more elegant than I did. At first it seemed like an easy enough problem, but it’s actually kind of tricky.