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Jun 2016
James Forbes
Jun 07 2016 05:32

Excuse the multi channel post everyone. Just trying to reach you all :)

If you're interested in seeing Lodash support Fantasy Land, please jump on this thread and vote for it: lodash/lodash#2406

Even if you see yourself sticking with Ramda. If Lodash supported Fantasy Land it would be more likely that any given library would choose to implement the spec on their datatype. It could also influence future ECMAscript discussions.

Jun 07 2016 10:03
is there equivalent method for not(isNil(...)) ?
to pass only not nil values
the same as _ => _ (almost)
Aldwin Vlasblom
Jun 07 2016 10:26
@whitecolor You could create it yourself using R.complement:
const notNil = R.complement(R.isNil)
Jun 07 2016 10:27
Jun 07 2016 10:28
@Avaq thanks :smile:
ram-bot endorses
Jun 07 2016 15:09

Wait, why not just use Boolean?

Edit: This is wrong as 0 is false-y. Gah, JS!

Brad Compton (he/him)
Jun 07 2016 15:12
Beat me to it
Simon Friis Vindum
Jun 07 2016 21:12
@JAForbes Correct me if I'm wrong, but even Rambda does not support the latest version of fantasy-land?