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Jun 2016
James Forbes
Jun 12 2016 04:09

@bmamouri my pleasure. I'm currently experimenting with taking this even further with Sanctuary's meld

Seems perfect for exactly this situation

@kapooostin yeah definitely. They are really useful functions.

My point is, some functions are more involved than others. Usually a pipe is a series of transformations of data with a single execution. When you put a converge or useWith its not immediately clear how many invocations are required, or which arguments will arrive at which position. And then it becomes more difficult to reason about the type signature.

My point is that a very long nested composition can be easy to read if it still just a single execution to get a result. It's equivalent to reading a method chain.

Vladimir Kapustin
Jun 12 2016 11:07
@JAForbes OK, I see. I just checked some of recipes in ramda cookbook, a few are quite complex
David Langford
Jun 12 2016 22:53
@RPallas92 Are you still having trouble with Angular 1 + ramda? I'm using both at work and have it integrated