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Jun 2016
Jun 29 2016 04:31
@6ewis thanks, R.evolve does look interesting :) if you know the exact path you want to updateIn / mergeIn when writing the code (i.e. you don't need to modify object on a general keyPath array as assocPath allows), evolve can be used as updateIn and mergeIn.
McClain Looney
Jun 29 2016 15:02
can someone with better lambda-fu explain why this doesn't work as intended?
it seems to want another arg, but i can't figure out why
Aldwin Vlasblom
Jun 29 2016 15:13
You need to call it like x)(y, because the function is returned rather than being a curried binary function.
McClain Looney
Jun 29 2016 15:16
thanks, is there a "correct" way to do it that doesn't involve function butt? ()()
McClain Looney
Jun 29 2016 15:26
nm, just found R.uncurryN
McClain Looney
Jun 29 2016 15:43
hmm, or not
mlooney @mlooney shakes fist at sky
Brad Compton (he/him)
Jun 29 2016 15:58
@mlooney You need a function that will accept both of your parameters, which split won't do. As a first thought you could use useWith though there is probably a more elegant solution. Personally, I don't mind the function butt...
McClain Looney
Jun 29 2016 15:59
interesting, thx
McClain Looney
Jun 29 2016 16:52
i wound up abandoning my pointfree dreams
but it works ;)