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Aug 2016
Martin Broder
Aug 10 2016 07:26 UTC
after a bit more sleep
const uncurry = (fn) => (...args) => args.reduce((left, right) => left(right), fn)
would this be something that could be added to ramda?
Dinesh Bhosale
Aug 10 2016 11:15 UTC
is there any way in spacemacs to h j k l over visible lines not over logical lines ?
Dinesh Bhosale
Aug 10 2016 11:21 UTC
this solved my problem
  ;; Make evil-mode up/down operate in screen lines instead of logical lines
  (define-key evil-motion-state-map "j" 'evil-next-visual-line)
  (define-key evil-motion-state-map "k" 'evil-previous-visual-line)
  ;; Also in visual mode
  (define-key evil-visual-state-map "j" 'evil-next-visual-line)
  (define-key evil-visual-state-map "k" 'evil-previous-visual-line)
Tim Navrotskyy
Aug 10 2016 16:05 UTC
@dineshbhosale probably not the right channel
Hi everyone, this is a rather advanced question, but nobody seems to react on the fantasy-land channel. I have this example. It's using ReaderT monad to wrap a Future and works ok in this program, but sometimes I need to unwrap the Future because it has valuable methods for working with errors and such. Is there a way to unlift or lower the Future?
Ryan Zeigler
Aug 10 2016 17:07 UTC
i would imagine you would instead need to lift the function that works on the future into the ReaderT[Future]