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Sep 2016
Markus Pfundstein
Sep 18 2016 10:17
@Bradcomp yes this can become a problem with fat arrow.
kwijibo @kwijibo having the most horrible time with javascript mutating function inputs
Fernando Montoya
Sep 18 2016 20:43
Whats the difference between RxJS and FP?
Craig Dallimore
Sep 18 2016 21:15
One is a library and the other is a paradigm?
(Unless there is also a library called FP ...)
Sorry, I sound unhelpful, can you add detail to your question? :)
Rick Medina
Sep 18 2016 21:22
@montogeek rxjs is a library and fp (functional programming) is a paradigm (a pattern of programming) which offers many benefits. As thus, rxjs incorporates several of those concepts (such as immutability and composition to an extent), as opposed to a more "traditional" object-oriented paradigm to js, specially to suite complex asynchronous operations.