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Oct 2016
Craig Dallimore
Oct 03 2016 07:22
Barry G
Oct 03 2016 15:10
I'm wondering how can I update the 'currentAssociation' in the collection of objects with having to filter twice in a pointfree way?
The main issue in this more imperative way is that array position is being lost when the object is updated.
Oct 03 2016 16:28
I'm actually not seeing an array position in that. If anything, don't focus on point-free, that code looks like it just needs to be broken up into separate, smaller functions.
It actually looks like selectedState may not even be being used
I did a ctrl-f and it has only one match, in its definition
Barry G
Oct 03 2016 16:46
@LeonineKing1199 selectedState is being used in one line at the end that has been omited. this.setState([selectedState]:...
Oct 03 2016 16:51
Oh, good. I was gonna recommend a linting tool or something XD
Oct 03 2016 16:57
Btw, I don't know if it was announced or not but the Ramda REPL is up and running again :)
Stefano Vozza
Oct 03 2016 18:21
Yay! I actually didn't realise how much I used it until it was gone.
Michael Hurley
Oct 03 2016 23:21
yup, had some difficulties that took down the REPL. No reason for it really, we should gracefully fallback when they fail
'cuz all we rely on for is sanctuary and ramda-fantasy
so the repl could continue without those