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Oct 2016
Andrea Scartabelli
Oct 04 2016 17:13
@davidchambers @CrossEye @buzzdecafe: it's worth noting that you, well, Ramda and David Chambers, were mentioned in this article
Congrats as it means that you are deep in the js ecosystem, although the article made me quite sad as it's ironic while in reality it touched only the tip of the iceberg
Oct 04 2016 17:19

Look, you just need to know that functional programming is better than OOP and that’s what we should be using in 2016.


Masturbatory flame-bait
Matt Stewart
Oct 04 2016 17:20
How do y'all handle fine-grained authorization/permissions checks? I have not been able to come up with any clean solutions.
Andrea Scartabelli
Oct 04 2016 17:28
@mattste I won't be able to keep up the discussion for long, but for me the secret sauce is making them additive
i.e. you have a list of, for example, namespaced permissions
then you have "roles", which can have multiple permissions
then users and groups: users and groups can be assigned to multiple roles, users can be assigned to multiple groups
as you add permissions instead of, say, denying something, you won't create a mess
Oct 04 2016 19:16
they removed the picture of Guy Fieri, idk why. It's not like it was impacting client downloads and how can having a handsome man in your library hurt anything? SMH