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Oct 2016
Cory Simmons
Oct 24 2016 07:05
Matt McKellar-Spence
Oct 24 2016 08:40
@corysimmons passed already, 667 now :stuck_out_tongue:
Ricky Andi
Oct 24 2016 09:44
James Forbes
Oct 24 2016 10:37
Markus Pfundstein
Oct 24 2016 12:48
its funny how point-free ramda code looks a bit like LISP
James Forbes
Oct 24 2016 14:23
I've thought the same, also SQL
Keith Alexander
Oct 24 2016 15:42
'cause coding with PF compositions, you're replacing javascript syntax with function calls, right?
Oct 24 2016 15:45
Hi! I don't know if anyone here write sketch plugins (cocoascript) ... I really like to use (import) ramda to write scripts. Anyone has any idea of how I can use ramda?