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Dec 2016
Brad Compton (he/him)
Dec 11 2016 07:08 UTC
@rhalff map works on objects, so you could do map(curry, myExports)
Rob Halff
Dec 11 2016 14:45 UTC
@Bradcomp ouch, that easy huh.
Travis LaDuke
Dec 11 2016 18:37 UTC
Kurt Milam
Dec 11 2016 22:44 UTC
@jonahx Here's my AOC day 1 solution using lenses and a 'compass' consisting of a linked list (doubly linked) that cycles back on itself:
I solved it a number of different ways, some with considerably fewer lines of code, but I sort of like this one. I'm sure there's plenty of room for improvement. If I keep playing as much code golf with these puzzles as I did with this one, I may not finish AOC 2016 before AOC 2017 starts :D