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Dec 2016
Simon Friis Vindum
Dec 23 2016 12:41 UTC
@ScottFreeCode That's pretty cool. You can do a very similar thing where you turn . into pipe/compose. See:
Scott Santucci
Dec 23 2016 14:48 UTC
Wow, I like that way better -- no need for next-gen syntax, no need for the boilerplate wrapper to get this at the start...
Jared McGuire
Dec 23 2016 17:02 UTC
I'm trying to get my head around using Ramda and functional javascript in a real project. Can someone point me to some good example code? Like a small project written in Ramda using a functional style.
Simon Friis Vindum
Dec 23 2016 20:08 UTC
@ScottFreeCode It's quite convenient yes. I'm glad you like it :smile: