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Dec 2016
Brenton Alker
Dec 27 2016 00:02
For servers that can handles it, this script won't even be used! It's tooling to backfill the capability to older installations (yay, legacy systems :P)
Anyway... night!
James Forbes
Dec 27 2016 00:54
good day :P
Marcus Nielsen
Dec 27 2016 08:09
@davidchambers so many thanks! I was able to reproduce your steps with the same result as you got. I still get a smaller size in google chrome for the cdn version, but I will just ignore it since multiple sources show a size of 42246.
Guido Schmitz
Dec 27 2016 23:07
hi guys
Just got started with Ramda. Awesome library!
Guido Schmitz
Dec 27 2016 23:30
I only have one question. The intersectionWith is not really stable because of this line Is there any other Ramda function I can use to intersect and am 100% sure the input will be A -> B versus the intersectionWith function that switches it based on the length of the collections.
David Chambers
Dec 27 2016 23:39
You may like to comment on #1868, @guidsen.
Guido Schmitz
Dec 27 2016 23:51
Ah great
Where are you waiting for :P