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May 2017
Oleg Shalygin
May 09 2017 04:48
hey guys
May 09 2017 05:40
Hi Oleg.
Anyone here going to ?
Abdul Mu'iz Musaddik
May 09 2017 09:02
hello guys, is the a pdf/offline version for ramda documentation ?
May 09 2017 17:18
actually that link isnt too clear. basically everything on devdocs can be saved offline and perused in browser
Andrea Richiardi
May 09 2017 21:43
Hello folks! I am looking at List in Ramda, coming from Clojure background, I was wondering how it is represented in JS...
Brad Compton (he/him)
May 09 2017 21:52
I don't know if this answers your question, but most of the time when Ramda speaks of Lists they are just referring to plain JS Arrays
Andrea Richiardi
May 09 2017 21:56
Oh ok then, I was just wondering because what happens then if I send back a list from a JS api..if it is a simple array I think I am good