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Sep 2017
Barney Carroll
Sep 24 2017 01:09
@lrn2prgrm I'd be interested in that video if you can find the link
I remember seeing this and my head exploded, none of it made sense to me at the time. :D
Now we have ramda and all these other amazing libraries its such a different space, when I saw this it just seemed like witch craft
Jason Shin
Sep 24 2017 05:56
hey guys
how do you compose Fluture Futures?
export const start = R.compose(
    () => passportConfig.setupPassport(),
    () => config.setup(),
I have that and bootstrapServer, connectDb are Future from Fluture
but when I fork start().fork(), it is giving me
[Express] C:\Users\Shin\Desktop\Biphub\core\node_modules\ramda\src\internal\_dispatchable.js:29
[Express]         if (typeof obj[methodNames[idx]] === 'function') {
[Express]                                    ^
[Express] TypeError: Cannot read property 'fantasy-land/chain' of undefined
[Express]     at C:\Users\Shin\Desktop\Biphub\core\node_modules\ramda\src\internal\_dispatchable.js:29:36
e.g. bootstrapServer looks like
const bootstrapServer = () => Future((reject, resolve) => {
Jason Shin
Sep 24 2017 06:04
hmm do I need to install ramda-fantasy too?
Jason Shin
Sep 24 2017 06:18
found it
Barney Carroll
Sep 24 2017 11:58
@JAForbes oh cool so this predates your push for Lodash FP
Thanks for the link
Sep 24 2017 22:27
Hi! Any idea how to go about resolving a typescript error
Argument of type 'Partial<LayoutRecord<K>>' is not assignable to parameter of type 'Placeholder'.
  Property '"@@functional/placeholder"' is missing in type 'Partial<LayoutRecord<K>>'.
When using R.equals
Casting to <Record<string, any>> seems to work, but seems like a bit of a hack.
I think it isn't an issue with typescript 2.5, but I'm on 2.3