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Sep 2017
David Langford
Sep 28 2017 00:22
I'm been away from Ramda for a while. How do sanctuary and ramada relate to each other. Are they competitors? Or meant to be used together? It looks like @davidchambers stoped working on ramada tail end of 2016, and is now more active in sanctuary. In fact the last release for ramada was aug 2016? Is ramada still being worked on?
David Chambers
Sep 28 2017 00:47
@That-David-Guy, see sanctuary-js/sanctuary#377.
Sep 28 2017 00:54
Hi guys, how would you delete null props of an object with ramda?
Vasili Sviridov
Sep 28 2017 00:56
@scarmarco R.omit?
or R.dissoc?
David Langford
Sep 28 2017 01:02
Thanks @davidchambers . I have a feeling I'll eventually move to sanctuary purely for it's maybe
Sep 28 2017 01:09
I need it based on values, not keys @vsviridov
Sep 28 2017 01:15
R.reject seems to be
James Forbes
Sep 28 2017 04:53
I'd really like if ramda included total functions with at least optionals/maybe's. Was that ever on the cards?
Stefano Vozza
Sep 28 2017 08:52
@scarmarco R.reject works on objects
R.reject(R.isNil, {a: 1, b: null, c: 2})
Sep 28 2017 08:52
{ a: 1, c: 2 }
Julio Borja Barra
Sep 28 2017 10:19
@JAForbes Sanctuary has that :P
Kurt Milam
Sep 28 2017 10:32
@That-David-Guy In retrospect, I'm not really sure the lens abstraction is bringing you much value for the current use-case.