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Oct 2017
Oct 02 2017 12:20
did anyone here have any difficulties convincing colleagues to add ramda to the stack, coding readability, consistency, code review etc. wise?
Adam Szaraniec
Oct 02 2017 12:49
My friend convince me to use ramda in project (But I've already watched lodash-you are doing it wrong) . (I know its not what you 've asked )
Rolf Strijdhorst
Oct 02 2017 13:06
@arian-swydo to convince one should use library 'a' is never a good idea. Solve a problem with library 'a' that is otherwise far more difficult to solve is the only way I have found. In my opinion use the mantra: it's easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission is an execelent use in this case. Or use a meeting where you explain what problems you want to solve and how you solved it using library 'a'.
Oct 02 2017 15:21
Good point @rolfst, mostly it has been discussions on style or readability over any problem. Technically you could do everything without libraries I guess.