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Nov 2017
Neeraj Singh
Nov 25 2017 01:33
I'm sure that there is a better way to update the state. Here is my solution.
Philipp Wille
Nov 25 2017 10:31
@neerajdotname You may use over instead of set combined with view:
over(testsLens, append('d'), state)
Kurt Milam
Nov 25 2017 17:11
@juliancoleman eweda and Ramda are wordplays on lambda.
Ewe ram and lamb are English. Lambda is Greek.
Rick Medina
Nov 25 2017 21:46
what is your take on api design regarding nonsensical arguments? eg: take(-1, [1,2]) what should return?
Denis Stoyanov
Nov 25 2017 22:27