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Dec 2017
Johnny Hauser
Dec 24 2017 12:31
Any tips on taking a collection (array or object) whose values may be regular js values or a certain functor, and recursively/deeply going through the collections, extracting the values from that functor when/if found, and also doing the same on the extracted functor value if that value is also a collection?
I've never done recursive collection iteration and recursive functor extraction with Ramda, and especially not both at once. Maybe there are operators that offer a lot of expressive power for such a thing?
Keith Alexander
Dec 24 2017 18:13
sequence (or traverse) could be useful? (turn a Collection of Functors of values into a Functor of a Collection of values)
Johnny Hauser
Dec 24 2017 18:23
yeah, definitely
sounds right, I mean
will check into it, thanks
Denis Stoyanov
Dec 24 2017 18:33
Traversable is Functor apply Applicative effect for each step
Josep M Sobrepere
Dec 24 2017 22:15
Sorry for the silly question, but what would be the point-free version of this:
const actionProp = x => compose(prop(x), nthArg(1));
I mean, I would like to be able to do this, but I know that won't work:
const actionProp = compose(prop, nthArg(1));
is there a way to make it work?