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Feb 2018
Kurt Milam
Feb 17 2018 01:00
@SeeThruHead Here it is with partial.lenses, although it's possible there's a shorter solution with that library.
The partial.lenses solution:
  L.elems, 'lexicalEntries',
  L.elems, 'entries',
  L.elems, 'senses',
  L.elems, 'synonyms',
  L.elems, 'id'
], res)
Feb 17 2018 01:05
@hbrade Thanks, I didn't expect a different repository.
Kurt Milam
Feb 17 2018 01:07
You could also do something like:
const gather = R.chain(x => [L.elems, x])
L.collect(['results', gather(['lexicalEntries', 'entries', 'senses', 'synonyms', 'id'])], res)
Kurt Milam
Feb 17 2018 01:22
Probably makes more sense like this:
const path = ['results', 'lexicalEntries', 'entries', 'senses', 'synonyms']
const gather = R.chain(x => [x, L.elems])
L.collect([gather(path), 'id'], res)
Vesa Karvonen
Feb 17 2018 10:18
If you are looking for a concise solution, then using the new L.query combinator of Partial Lenses one can just say L.query('synonyms', 'id').
Kurt Milam
Feb 17 2018 13:22
This REPL shows two working examples (using L.flat and L.query).
The code:
const path = ['results', 'lexicalEntries', 'entries', 'senses', 'synonyms', 'id']
const flat = L.collect(L.flat(...path), res)
// or, trading performance for concision:
const query = L.collect(L.query('synonyms', 'id'), res)
Jason Shin
Feb 17 2018 13:59
I found why no errors were thrown in my Ramda + Fluture based app
it's based Fluture swallows all the errors...
Kurt Milam
Feb 17 2018 14:28
@avaq - might be something you want to respond to?
@JasonShin I think it's incorrect to say that Fluture swallows errors based on the text at your link.