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Feb 2018
Neeraj Singh
Feb 24 2018 00:46
I can use assoc twice to get the work done. Is there a better way so that in operation I could get the work done.
searchParams = R.assoc('selectedStatuses', statuses, searchParams);
searchParams = R.assoc('clientName', searchParams.client_name, searchParams );
Joey Figaro
Feb 24 2018 16:40
Thanks for all the extra help, guys
Feb 24 2018 19:46

I think apply(objOf) avoids the converge stuff

const buildNotes =
  R.props(['Id', 'Notes__r']),

And piping inside one map instead of 2 maps iterating twice over the collection

Joey Figaro
Feb 24 2018 23:13
thanks @franciscotln :)