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Mar 2018
Vladimir Pesterev
Mar 13 2018 13:50
what's better lodash/fp or ramda?
Casey Link
Mar 13 2018 14:07
Anyone have any idea how to partition a list of nodes with parent/child relationships among them into buckets each containing the connected graph? Best see the REPL if that makes no sense
Rolf Strijdhorst
Mar 13 2018 14:08
@VladimirPesterev this is almost the same question as asking: who's better, your aunt or your uncle
both are family both have the same house but each do somethings different
Stefano Vozza
Mar 13 2018 14:10
and you're hardly going to get an unbiased answer here
Syaiful Bahri
Mar 13 2018 14:16
@Ramblurr i think groupWith will do the trick
maybe like this:
Casey Link
Mar 13 2018 14:20
oh very nice yea.
Hm though I don't think I can assume that they will be adjacent
Only adjacent elements are passed to the comparison function.
Vladimir Pesterev
Mar 13 2018 14:33
@rolfst i think both (lodash/fp and ramda) essentially do the same things
Jonathan Chang
Mar 13 2018 17:30
is there a way to search for functions based on IO of types ? i.e.: I want a List -> Object, Function -> Object, etc