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Apr 2018
Apr 11 2018 01:53
Mike Lambert
Apr 11 2018 13:59
Ok, so we like sheep. That's all. It's a short name, not already taken. It could as easily have been eweda, but then we would be forced to say eweda lamb!, and no one wants that. For non-English speakers, lambs are baby sheep, ewes are female sheep, and rams are male sheep. So perhaps ramda is a grown-up lambda... but probably not.
what is eweda lamb! ?
Brad Compton (he/him)
Apr 11 2018 15:23
If you say it with gusto it sounds kinda like 'You da MAN!'
Mike Lambert
Apr 11 2018 15:24
haha! :thumbsup:
Jorge Colon
Apr 11 2018 20:27
vm.firstErrorKey = pipe(
        function (errorItems, errorType) {
          return pipe(
            filter(function (input) {
              return input.$touched && input.$valid === false; // invalid fields only
            map(assoc('errorType', errorType)) // add errorType
      Object.values, // turn error object to array
      head, // only get the first one
Is there a way to simplify this without losing clarity?
Apr 11 2018 20:42
noob trying to find Ramda way to do padStart? any hints?