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Apr 2018
Richard Van Camp
Apr 24 2018 04:11
thanks for everyone's comments on lenses. Helps me in give some context before i code some examples. @polytypic article is interesting.
Zhenhua Ben Cao
Apr 24 2018 15:56
hi, may I ask a silly question, whether we have some existing function that is equivalent to f => [ g(f), h(f) ]?
I kinda feeling there's a way to make it point free but don't know how..
Brad Compton (he/him)
Apr 24 2018 17:18
@bencao check out R.converge
Zhenhua Ben Cao
Apr 24 2018 18:12
Thank you @Bradcomp , worked it out as R.converge(R.pair, [g, h])