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Apr 2018
Yazeed Bzadough
Apr 28 2018 19:38
Hello! Can someone explain why functions like reject are significant? It complements filter, but is easily achievable via filter.
I realize complementary functions are one of the benefits of composability, but is there a deeper reason?
Does it tie back to functional programming's preference for declarative over imperative?
Brandon Chartier
Apr 28 2018 20:36
Eduardo Díaz
Apr 28 2018 21:42
Is it possible pass values to the catcher function on the R.tryCatch() function ? R.tryCatch(R.props(‘x’), (err) => console.log(err))?
Brandon Chartier
Apr 28 2018 21:48
the catcher function is passed the error and the arguments
so you could do something with the arguments, if that's what you mean
Eduardo Díaz
Apr 28 2018 22:04

I’m trying to perform

R.tryCatch(R.props(‘x’), (err) => {throw new Error(err)})({k: true}); // => undefined

however no error is being thrown ?