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May 2018
Renato Marinho
May 03 2018 04:40 UTC
This message was deleted
Tomáš Konrády
May 03 2018 10:28 UTC
Hello, is there better way (in term of performance) to write function addTabIndex?
Tomáš Konrády
May 03 2018 12:51 UTC
Managed to clean up the code little bit: ... but still it is too complex for me...
Rolf Strijdhorst
May 03 2018 14:44 UTC
@6ewis for many properties at once use lenses
Ben Briggs
May 03 2018 20:17 UTC
@ellipticaldoor Also I think it'd be good to order the arguments with the method first, it's then easier to partially apply :)
Ben Briggs
May 03 2018 20:22 UTC
@tommmyy You can drop a map out of there for starters:
@tommmyy Also I don't know about the consuming code but you can lose i and sort by tabIndex instead, it's redundant to have the same value defined twice there