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May 2018
Vesa Karvonen
May 14 2018 09:50
@verilog15 I do, but this is not really a forum for Standard ML questions. If you like, you can PM me and I'll answer if I like. :)
May 14 2018 14:27
@polytypic Thank you! how can I send you a private message?
kyle tilman
May 14 2018 20:23
Hi! How does one create a transducer with a reduce function. For instance, I know I can compose a map and a filter but I'm having issues with a reduce. Imagine a list of numbers that we would like to transform and then find the max. Note, i am new to transducers.
Ryan Bas
May 14 2018 20:54
Is there a lenses compose in ramda for typescript? It currently yells if I try to use compose with lenses
Pedr Browne
May 14 2018 21:29
FYI we just released v2.8.0 of Ramda Adjunct which adds:
  • contained
  • lengthEq
  • lengthNotEq
  • lengthLt
  • lengthGt
  • lengthLte
  • lengthGte
  • move
  • thenP
Stephen Niemans
May 14 2018 22:42
Didn't knos
Didn't know that library yet, looks great! Will try it out.