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May 2018
Tomáš Konrády
May 24 2018 07:25 UTC
Hello to everyone, I would like to show you which demonstrates few patterns that I came across while developing in RRR (Ramda, React, Redux app stack). I am grateful for every feedback and PR. Thanks!
May 24 2018 14:16 UTC
Hi everyone. Quick question. How is the documentation site built?
I'm not asking for an i depth step by step, just a starting point so i can explore a change.
Mike Lambert
May 24 2018 14:23 UTC
i don't actually know the answer, but you can probably snoop around here:
May 24 2018 14:25 UTC
thank you.
May 24 2018 14:31 UTC
Anyone have knowledge of the Ramda REPL. I’m trying to add the comment add-on for CodeMirror and I apparently missing something.
May 24 2018 14:36 UTC
@tommmyy Great Resource! Thanks for putting it together and sharing!
Daniel Rodríguez Rivero
May 24 2018 16:29 UTC
Hello guys
Anyone could explain me the advantages of static-land ?
An overview