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May 2018
Rocky Madden
May 30 2018 01:28
Daniel Rodríguez Rivero
May 30 2018 14:00
@rockymadden indeed I think that point-free style is too risky because JS nature. Probably on languages with types and/or type inference the compiler could tell you what is expected. However, on JS I often found problematic to remember what the heck certain function was expecting. Of course you can supply that with documentation, but then when you start piping functions you will end wit the same problem at some point: it will not be clear what a function is returning vs what the next one is expecting. Not to mention the horrible error debugging. But if we are all here is because we all love FP and what I want is actually stop complaining and start enjoying. In that sense maybe sanctuary could be a solution, I don't tried it yet though