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Jun 2018
Ajit Ratan Singh
Jun 16 2018 20:12
Anybody, who wishes to collaborate on writing Ramda solutions for SQL like queries, I have created the project (SQL queries, SQLite database, json data files) here - Ramda-SQL-Equivalent GitHub project. Please post the questions in "Issues" section and hopefully would get some solutions via pull request. If not sending pull request, please post the solutions as issues referencing the file name. Thanks.
Frédéric Mascaro
Jun 16 2018 21:19


I want to test functional programming in the server side (NodeJS).

I found many examples in Haskell, but I don't understand enough this language.

Do you know where I can find examples in javascript of servers built with monads (I understand that I have to manage the side-effect with monads, IO?) ?

Any suggestion? With "Ramda", "ramda-fantasy", or "sanctuary"?