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Jun 2018
Jun 19 2018 04:11

I've been using Ramda for about 8 months now, and love it. It's changed the way I think about problems, in a nice way.

However, I find it hard to read later, with various transforms on lists and objects, and was wondering if anyone has any tips/blogs for managing that complexity, either breaking up the transforms, or documentation.

I do a lot of TDD, and that helps, but any pointers would be great.

Yosbel Marín
Jun 19 2018 15:18
@andrew-cloudscape What I recommend is to keep functions as small as possible, make it composable and the use it in a big pipe. Using less than 5 different functions in each declaration works for me.
Yosbel Marín
Jun 19 2018 15:24
I also recommend to not limit the name of functions, with explicit names you get the picture at the first glance even if it takes more time to understand the code, with a name like getNameOfTheFirstPerson I think you really don't need to read the code to know waht it does. Finally add docs.