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Jul 2018
Tzelon Machluf
Jul 13 2018 13:07
Newbie question: is there a full tutorial how to build a simple app, like Todo List with Ramda?
Mike Lambert
Jul 13 2018 18:23
i'm not sure, but you should definitely check this out:
ramda is more of a utility library, you'd likely want to pair it with a framework, like react
Jul 13 2018 22:28
What is this sort of function property called f(f(x)) = x, for example a function that would flip a bool would have this property: flipBool(flipBool(boolVal)) === boolVal
I'm sure I've read the word somewhere, I have it on the tip of my tongue
Vesa Karvonen
Jul 13 2018 22:35
Or, in another context, the fixed point of a function.
Ah... Actually I think I misread your question.
What you are looking for is a function that is its own inverse.
Aka involution.
Jul 13 2018 22:45
@polytypic thanks a lot!
Jason Gretz
Jul 13 2018 23:20

curious, Is there a way I can accomplish something similar to piping a curried function? such as

const pipedFn  = pipe(
  mycurriedfn, // takes 2 args

so that I could invoke as pipedFn(1)(2)

Vesa Karvonen
Jul 13 2018 23:22
Just say
const pipedFn = curry(pipe(mycurriedfn, nextfn))
Jason Gretz
Jul 13 2018 23:23
that should do it
Jason Gretz
Jul 13 2018 23:30
awesome! thank you.