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Oct 2018
Oct 28 2018 01:39
Thank you again; these responses are great guides highlighting the fundamentals that I shall learn to better appreciate and be more attentive of as I go along
Asad Saeeduddin
Oct 28 2018 04:23
You should write a blog post with this infomation @Bradcomp. I often get asked "what's wrong with just using a loop" and don't have a better explanation than "it's gross, this is cleaner", which is subjective and handwavy
Martin Harvan
Oct 28 2018 13:13
I have a function to filter list by parentId if it is provided, if not it returns the whole list:
  const emptyOrEquals = (locationId) => (machine) => isNil(locationId) || equals(machine.locationId, locationId)
  const findMachines = (locationId) => filter(emptyOrEquals(locationId))
is there a nicer way to do this?