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Dec 2018
Johnny Hauser
Dec 16 2018 04:42 UTC
I might end up rubber ducking here.... having trouble doing it in my js comments
If you have a bunch of functors, and you map them to a function that takes two arguments, you get a bunch of functors whose values are functions with the original value applies, waiting on the last value to produce a result....
So, then, I'm trying to combine them some kind of way
Ah yeah, so if I combine those into one that kind of functor (it's an event), then it's an event emitting partially applied functions
scan (partiallyAppliedFunction => acc => partiallyAppliedFunction(acc)) (thatFunctor)
Johnny Hauser
Dec 16 2018 04:48 UTC
but that can be simplified...
scan (identity) (thatFunctor)
I think that's right, but it blew up my brain
Alexander Lichter
Dec 16 2018 22:21 UTC
@CrossEye Will try it out! Many thanks :relaxed: Also for the hint regarding lift