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Dec 2018
Raja Rao DV
Dec 22 2018 13:52
trying to refactor the following... and here is how far I've gotten, but I'm stuck
Raja Rao DV
Dec 22 2018 14:04

function I'm trying to refactor using Ramda...

const queryForUsersQuizResults = async (request, response) => {
  try {
    const snapshot = await firestore
      .doc(request.params.courseId + "_" + request.params.chapterId)

    let data =;
    if (!data) {
      data = {
        message: "result not found for this user for this course and chapter"

    return response.send(data);
  } catch (error) {
    return response.status(500).send(error);

and here is what I have been able to refactor, would love to see better/other ways of doing this (I'm not sure if this even works). I'm struggling with the sendResult method.

//get user id
export const getUserId = pathOr('', ['user', 'uid']);

// get chapter id
export const getChapterId = concat(pathOr('', ['params', 'courseId']), '_', pathOr('', ['params', 'chapterId']));

export const query = curry(async (firestore, request) => {
  return tryCatch(() =>
    .get(), F)();

//Receives "response" object and calls response.status with the value passed to the new status function
export const status = invoker(1, "status");

//Receives "response" object and calls response.send witht he value passed to the new send function
export const send = invoker(1, "send");

//Create {"message",Your_Error} object
export const constructError = objOf('message');

//Returns JSON from Firestore's snapshot object
export const getDataFromSnapshot = (snapshot) =>;

//Actual error message
const QUIZ_RESULTS_NOT_FOUND = "Quiz results not found for this user for this course and chapter";

//Returns error message
export const quizResultsNotFoundError = constructError(QUIZ_RESULTS_NOT_FOUND);

//Receives "response" object and calls response.status and then respose.send
export const sendError = pipe(
//Sends valid result  //IS there any better way of doing this?
export const sendResult = (snapshot, response) => {
  const data = getDataFromSnapshot(snapshot);
  response.send(data); //Especially this, I wanted to use the "send" method and pipe things

//Main Method
export const  queryForUsersQuizResults = async (firestore, request, response) => {
 const snapshot = await query(firestore, request);
 snapshot ? sendResult(snapshot, response) :sendError(response);
Ben Briggs
Dec 22 2018 21:39

@rajaraodv_twitter If you flipped the arguments around you could use compose:

const sendResult = response => compose(response.send, getDataFromSnapshot);

Wrap that with uncurryN if you want to supply all of the arguments at once:

const sendResult = uncurryN(2, response => compose(response.send, getDataFromSnapshot));