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Jan 2019
Adrian Skierniewski
Jan 14 08:35
@rakeshpai nice this was the thing that I was looking for :)
Jan 14 17:37

If I have a constant with R.T or R.F on it and I want to check if it is false or true, how is that done in Ramda? Neither R.not nor ! are getting the result I want. Old imperative way:

let bool = false;
if (!bool) { 
  // do stuff 

Mrrf, formatted for clarity and logic.

Brad Compton (he/him)
Jan 14 17:42

Keep in mind that R.T is equivalent to () => true, not just true

You'll probably want to look at functions like R.either and R.unless to accomplish what you want

Jan 14 17:49
Thanks. I think I see how I can refactor with those in my code.