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Feb 2019
Feb 18 2019 13:05 UTC
Hi I wonder of someone can help me with this. I am using R.cond and I set it up to test for valid data types. For the input to pass to the first function of the pair I use a string data type name. so this goes into the R.equals method as in the example that is in docs, for the second method of the pair I am using simple predicates such as isNumber(value) it blows up everytime. the error refers to Uncaught TypeError: t[n][1].apply is not a function If I change the isNumber(value) to R.always("some string") it functions, my predicate is just returning true or false, can anyone clue me in what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance for your help
Feb 18 2019 13:20 UTC
I figured it out, for some reason I have to put my methods in a thunk, while theirs run fine without it
Martin Harvan
Feb 18 2019 20:54 UTC
hi.. I have list of object that have property with list of objects etc. [{foo: 1, fields: [{bar: 2, items: [{...}] and I want to recursively add a property to each object, how would I do that?