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Feb 2019
Feb 26 07:37
[{a: 'a', id: 1},{b: 'b', id: 2},{c: 'c', id: 3},{d: 'd', id: 4}] and [{e: 'e', id: 2},{f: 'f', id: 1},{g: 'g', id: 4},{d: 'd', id: 3}] => want to merge them into => [{id:1, e: 'e', a: 'a'},{id: 2, b: 'b', e: 'e'},{id: 3, c: 'c', d: 'd'},{id: 4, d: 'd', g: 'g'}]
what would be your favorite approach to do this -
Feb 26 08:22
@Zephilim exactly, just rename a single file to .ts and change the top line to have tsc pick it up
I'm exactly in your corner as well... love ts, love ramda, love rxjs... will use them in one project, one way or another
Feb 26 18:27
@Bradcomp how you been? any advise for the question above?