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Mar 2019
Harry Solovay
Mar 04 04:11
If I use assocPath on a tree that contains "node A" which references the node that I'm editing ("node B")... will the modified node B––in the resulting tree––be referenced by node A of the resulting tree? Or will node A reference node B from the input tree?
^ thank you in advance to anyone who's able to provide insight!
Julien Gonzalez
Mar 04 15:43
Hi, are mergeDeepLeft or mergeDeepRight functions supposed to return brand new objects?
In this example, the original object is directly modified
Riku Tiira
Mar 04 15:51
@customcommander yes, that is intended. merge functions keep references for any unchanged parts
Julien Gonzalez
Mar 04 15:52
Ahhh I see
Ok makes sense
Julien Gonzalez
Mar 04 16:42
Thanks Riku