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Mar 2019
Nate Abele
Mar 16 12:53

I use Ramda for much less now that I'm working with modern JS. I still use it, of course, but there are many places where the syntax enhancements make it feel superfluous.

@CrossEye That's surprising to me. Coming back to TypeScript from Elm, we're using all the latest whiz-bang goodies and I still find Ramda indispensable.

Bijoy Thomas
Mar 16 13:50

unbelievable that uniq time cost is n2...

@mike442144 I don't think the runtime of uniq is O(n2) .. ramda uses a Set behind the scenes to determine duplicates and I'm pretty sure the JS Set uses a hash table (or even better) implementation to bucket elements with similar hashes and hence reduce the amount of search needed to determine equality .. based on this example: you can see that the runtime is not a polynomial function of the input size but more or less linear