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Mar 2019
Scott Sauyet
Mar 17 12:25
@bijoythomas: Ramda does not use a native Set, but our own internal implementation that respects value equality.
Scott Sauyet
Mar 17 12:34
So uniq must do an equals for every pair.
There are some tricks to make it faster for certain primitive types. But the general case can't be as fast.
Scott Sauyet
Mar 17 17:02
@tolmasky: That's what I do to build it, I'm pretty sure.
@tolmasky, the directions I usually follow look like this:
  • to make docs for version vX
  • update package.json version to vX and ramda dependency to vX
  • rm and re-install node modules (to actually get latest version of ramda)
  • cp new version of ramda to docs: cp -f node_modules/ramda/dist/ramda.js docs/dist/
  • test locally!
  • run npm run make_release
Bijoy Thomas
Mar 17 20:49
@CrossEye thank you for pointing that out .. I didn't notice the _ in front of Set in