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Mar 2019
Mike Chen
Mar 18 02:25
@bijoythomas yep ,_set is customized one
@CrossEye We can optimize it by sorting first then remove duplicate, which time cost will be nlg(n)
Simon Bailey
Mar 18 15:35

Hello all, what is the correct syntax for calling dropLast on the result of split?

const fn = R.compose(R.dropLast( R.split(/[\s-.]+/), filePath))

I am new to ramda as you can probably tell, any help much appreciated :)
Bijoy Thomas
Mar 18 17:23
@thebailers dropLast takes two arguments: the first is the number of elements to drop from the end, and the second argument is the array (or string) to drop from. Does this example help?
also, when in doubt, the docs site is very useful: