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May 2019
May 06 08:09
Thanks @bijoythomas, that's useful info
Ryan Whitlie
May 06 23:17

@plastikfan It’s great to keep asking questions and for opinions when you’re either not sure or just want clarification on things. On this kind of thing I’d agree with @rakeshpai and @1point7point4, FP in practice is a set of guides rather than rules. Your software won’t stop running if you do something not strictly FP. IMHO it’s about readability/maintainability and mitigating potential errors (and secretly making myself feel happier about my code).

One thing I would say however is that if you find yourself calling functions directly from within functions quite a lot, it may be a symptom of not enough planning for your program. If you try to break it up into small chunks that do one thing (as much as possible) and plan out your flow of data through your functions it may make things easier. I’ve frequently ran into this issue, especially at work where there are tight sometimes deadlines. But when I take the time to plan how I want data to flow and change through my program, I tend to come up with much better branching of code and much nicer function composition